Site Created

It All Comes Together

Services Used

I’ve used Namecheap’s Education Program, Cloudflare, and GitHub User Pages to get myself hosted at zero cost.

Hugo and a Hugo theme named Hermit were used to generate content for the site.

The Details

Ordinarily, a domain costs a non-negligible (for a student with no source of income) amount of money. A mail server and actual web hosting only add to that. Namecheap’s Education Program was used to get the domain, while its mail forwarding system allows me to save money on a mail server.

Unfortunately, a free domain is useless without hosting. GitHub User Pages provide free hosting–but only for static pages. Therefore, I use Hugo, a static site generator, to generate the site. A Git worktree for my master branch allows me to quickly deploy changes that I make on my development branch, while still maintaining separation of production from deployment.

I wanted a site that looked nice. I really enjoyed Hermit, which is the theme being used to display this page. Sadly, I felt like it wasn’t as responsive as it could have been. Moreover, as someone passionate about computer security, I was concerned that my site did not support https.

Cloudflare offers both free CDN and free SSL certificates. Cloudflare substantially improved the speed of the site and got me https support, killing two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately, the site still wasn’t fast enough. I’ve made a few tweaks to Hermit to enable prefetching and preloading of a few important pages. This page has been marked as prefetchable and preloadable to demonstrate.

The Results

The website loads extremely quick for me and is easy to maintain. Hopefully, the site also works well for you, the reader. If it doesn’t, I can be reached through my email, which can be found on the “About” page.